Transaction Tax

TEAL is an acronym for Total Economic Activity Levy.

The idea, in its most simple form, is that instead of heavily taxing income, profits and all the plethora of sources available to the modern state, with all their costs, to the state and the tax-payers, and all the exceptions and special considerations (meaning that if you have sufficient access to the tax system you may be exempted from all or part of a tax), instead of all that complexity, everyone pays a small percentage of their activity in the economy.

This may appear complicated until you realise that all the major economic activity of an economy pass through the banking system.  By levying a very small percentage of each transaction, of each and every deposit and payment of each and every bank account in the economy, you collect an enormous sum of money.

The principle advantages of this system include:

  1. A simple “catch-all” collection system
  2. Low administration costs
  3. Fewer tax collection points
  4. hugely expanded tax net (as much as 38 times the conventional tax base)
  5. hugely diminished tax rates (about 1/38 or about 2,5% of a normal tax rate) .
  6. everyone, from a President to a pauper, will pay exactly the same portion of their economic activity.
  7. All inclusive – no exceptions, no omissions, not tax avoidance, no tax evasion.

That in essence is what TEAL is. Simple, efficient and cost effective.

Therefore, I would put forward a Private Members Bill that supports the removal of over 360 different taxes in Britain and to then replace it with a 1% Transaction fee on all Electronic and cash transfers through the banks over the value of £1.

This ‘Transaction Tax’ – this would raise 3 times as much revenue as the entire current tax system did last year. [that includes the outrageous ‘tampon tax’] Furthermore, enforcement of which would be virtually penny’s compared to the millions hopelessly wasted chasing folded companies and off shore dodgers.

Note – the above would also completely REMOVE your obligation for…COUNCIL TAX...[of which 40% goes directly into the Councils pension pot…!]

There are currently over 3,500 Student Properties in Plymouth alone…exempt from Council Tax…that’s £5 Million a year that the city is missing out on. Another 500+ Student ‘multiple flats’ which are not only exempt from Council Tax but also business rates as well. [yet they are businesses]

In my view;  Council Tax could and should be immediately abolished; as it is purely a form of ‘Civil Debt Slavery’ via unlawful demands; which is no longer required. It is most important to remember is that the “Councils” have already been funded via the treasury’s consolidated fund for mandated services they must supply for inhabitants for free. Furthermore; more than 40% of your Council Tax goes directly to their pension funds and another 15% to pay the interest on their Lobo loans.

Finally, the Courts used to enforce it are fake, a breach of legislation, human rights & international law.

I am currently challenging the ‘civil jurisdiction’ which is used [Poor law] that enables a council [not a court] to jail a man or woman for a statutory obligated local tax; this is being done via Judicial review at the High Court [3 live cases at the moment all at various stages] and may well inevitably be decided via the Supreme Court. The UK is the ONLY country in the world were you can be jailed for a locally owed Tax obligation; it is Usury, the Poor Law and Debtors prisons…all rolled into one…and we are in 2017.

                           Banks & our Monetary Policy


“I want to see the Remembrancer immediately removed & excluded from the Commons, this highly symbolic act that would signal Parliament’s independence from the Corporation and all it represents; including taking back the control of our monetary policy.”

Danny Bamping – Independent Candidate – Plymouth Sutton & Devonport

  1. Bring in legislation to remove and ban the Remembrancer [the unelected non MP representing the City of London from the Floor]
  2. Nationalise The RBS Group and Lloyds TSB immediately. Properly control the funds of these banks, the employees and the bonus’s. Ensure lending to Medium and Small businesses is top priority; cut red tape to do so. Take control of the supply of money.
  3. Set up a ‘New Government Bank’ – which does not use the fractional reserve banking system; but acts exactly like the US ‘Federal Reserve Bank’ – apart from this one will be owned by the people of Britain (not privately).
  4. Government to use the New National Bank to buy back some of Britain’s BEST companies and to now use Q.E. [Quantitative Easing]  by directly funding [including higher wages] the NHS, Police & Fire Services, Local Councils, Water services and other civil and public services
  5. Wage Caps; ensure that people within certain markets cannot earn obscene amounts of money; this includes Banking and Sports industries.

                           Our Environment & Land


  1. Ensure that we always put the Planet, Plants & People – before Profit
  2. Increase work and spending on flood defences
  3. We want to build a Britain that cares for its environment and the natural world that supports it. Failure to respect the environment reduces our quality of life, harms livelihoods and cheats future generations.
  4. Support strongly the sensitive stewardship of our natural resources, to leave our children’s children a legacy of clean air, pure water, fertile farmland, abundant forests, vibrant urban green spaces and plentiful wildlife.
  5. Extend the land reform legislation to create new opportunities for urban and rural communities.
  6. We want a better relationship between farmers and society that rewards farmers for managing our environment and growing healthy food. We will support farmers who apply sustainable environmental practice.
  7. Tighten and enforce the regulations on wildlife crime and animal cruelty and on the management of animal sanctuaries, livery yards, zoos, pet shops and the sale of animals over the Internet.
  8. Give our fishermen back their territorial waters and allow our farmers to keep livestock and grow what they want.




  1. Improve and Invest into Schools and Education and teach the basis of LAW at an early age.
  2. Schools to put in place activities to help children learn how to resolve conflicts non-violently. Peace Initiatives encourage members of the community, particularly in schools, to recognise that encountering conflict is a normal part of human life and to support the resolution of conflict through positive, non-violent means.
  3. Currently the school curriculum is still too reliant on exam success as the only suitable measure of a child’s future potential. Many of our children feel excluded, and others are simply bored, by a system which values memorising facts over aptitudes such as problem solving, team working and interpersonal social skills. We want to see a society which respects children and aims to give them the freedom to express themselves.
  4. We will put more emphasis on nurturing people’s talents and encouraging creative, analytical thinking, investing in an education system that is accessible to all, celebrates diversity and nurtures talent.
  5. Investment in universities to provide the skills and knowledge we will need as we make the shift towards a low-carbon, low-waste, localised community.



  1. Increase in Pay for Doctors; Midwives, Nurses, Paramedic’s and ALL NHS staff.
  2. Buy Norton Anti virus update for ALL NHS Trusts!
  3. Improve and Invest heavily into the NHS; get rid of ANY ‘privatisation plans’.
  4. Legalise Cannabis growing and use, also promote the wide use of HEMP for a variety of uses.
  5. Ban ALL ‘Chem-trails’ in UK Airspace.



  • Re-nationalise our utility companies and infrastructure; ensuring FREE water supply to EVERY UK resident.
  • Massively subsided Gas and Electricity bills for ALL domestic households.
  • We must invest heavily in new renewable technologies, clean powers and hydro.
  • Nuclear power is not a low carbon technology: the energy involved in mining, fuel fabrication, construction, transport and waste makes nuclear no ‘cleaner’ in carbon dioxide production than an efficient gas-powered station. It leaves toxic waste, which will remain a threat to humans for hundreds of years. The costs of cleaning up this waste, already nearly £100bn and rising will fall to future generations. In addition, nuclear is still based on the supply of a finite fuel, so it’s neither clean nor renewable.


                                    Law & Justice


  1. UK ‘human beings’ become governed under common law – the law of man; statue laws are secondary and only used when necessary.
  2. Decriminalise All Class B Drugs.
  3. Politics is too often conducted in a polarised, confrontational atmosphere and in a situation remote from those that it affects. We must develop decentralised, participation systems that enable individuals to control the decisions that affect their own lives.
  4. We will ‘delete’ the ‘database state’, including the UK Identity Card and Identity Register, the routine retention by police of innocent people’s DNA, and bio-metric identity systems in schools.
  5. Complete overhaul of family law and focus on giving parents equal rights to children and get rid of ‘secret courts’ unless absolutely necessary.
  6. Ensure Police are retrained; under oath and liable
  7. Abolish the IPCC [Independent Police Complaints Commission] and replace it with PIPCA – Public Independent Police Complaints Association.
  8. Scrap & abolish the ‘Common Purpose’ Organisation.


                             Transport & infrastructure

  1. Re-nationalise the rail-networks and update and improve them for High speed and bigger trains.
  2. Ensure Plymouth is better connected to London and other major cities and has a better train station.
  3. The Armageddon clause between [Labour & SHH PLC] has meant our Airport has gone and the land now – lost.
  4. A better solution for Plymouth is for it to look at building an Airport on the outskirts of the city; where the land is lower.
  5. We need to help give incentives and promote the use of sustainable energy on a local – home basis – such as Tesla / Solar City – Solar roof tiles; batteries to store the energy and our electric cars powered by the same energy.