Danny Bamping – Local Independent Candidate for St Peter and the Waterfront – Plymouth


“As an Independent Councillor I would be free from the party whip or any other form of control. I would campaign on the issues that local people tell me are important to them. I would be free to speak and free to act. Because I am connected to No Party.”

Danny Bamping – Independent Councillor Candidate
Plymouth -St Peter & the Waterfront

                                  INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE READY TO TAKE

                                  THE PARTY OUT OF POLITICS IN PLYMOUTH

Local Entrepreneur Danny Bamping is to stand as an Independent Candidate in Plymouth St Peter & the Waterfront ward in the forthcoming local elections on May 6th.

This ensures there will be at least 6 options on the ballet paper and one which is an Independent option which is not attributed or controlled by any political party or whip!


“I am here to try and win this election and I have 4 weeks to get the support of 2,000 local people to ensure this city has a Independent Councillor in the local council for its biggest ward and that Plymouth moves away from Party Politics and creates a modern representation  through voting for Independents and ensuring they represent you and you only.”